Weddell new town, NT, 2011-12

Weddell New-Town Urban Design Competition, NT, 2011
Weddell Tropical Housing Design Competition,  NT 2011

Troppo are winners of a new town design competition. Since the competition, design development with NT Government  agencies has focused on delivery of the first 2 villages in readiness to move to final community consultation and implementation. The setting is a retained natural landscape on the Darwin and harbour fringe.  

The first and primary village framework has been developed with cross axes that connect natural site anchors – a wetland which filters to Bennetts Creek, and rising woodlands which connect to a ‘Conservation Park’. A natural, wetland-balanced pool and community oval sit at opposite ends of a meandering, car-free Village Square. Dwelling precincts will gravitate toward the Square through treed mews and lanes. At the head of the Square, linking with a community Garden and oval are schools; and, further down, a 1-stop NTG shop with office space, a community health centre, a police beat, adaptable community activity space, and a Sustainable City Research Centre. 

The second village has reduced commercial focus, but adheres to similar principles for community flow and connection. Troppo are working with TCL in shaping public realm elements, and Che Wall in developing sustainability systems.

Weddell’s first villages are designed as compact walkable villages, and home for 5,000 people.

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