Springs House, Applecross, WA, 2010

This is Troppo's take on the palatial dwelling. The site is in the super sized suburb of Applecross, south of Perth and has an open view of the Swan River. The client required a hassle free, spacious and comfortable house in which they could happily spend the rest of their lives.

Although the house is generous in size, the design is split into two wings, each offset by a half level. This kept stairs and legwork to a minimum while suggesting a heirarchy and threshold between sleeping, working and fun. A great house needs great ceremony, the approach from the mere pedestrian level is characterised by stone steps, water and the smell of jasmine vines, interally shoji screens and passages are used to similar effect.

The house uses tough materials consisting largely of stone, steel and polycarbonate. The planning is open and minimal, adornments are simple and structure is clear and straight forward.