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Tennyson Beach House, Tennyson, SA, 2009

AIA (SA) John Chappel Award, 2009

Tennyson Beach-house is an informal, light-filled dwelling that exploits its beachfront location, whilst achieving retreat from beach-walkers and weather. Living and work areas - inside and out - (with appropriate sunscreening) are oriented for western sea views, but also connect with the morning sun, and a sheltered, private northern outdoor space complete with pool. "It is a place for a person retired from professional life, but with a huge appetite for digitally engaging with community and the global village - and keeping fit, beachside.  It is designed for the extended-family to stay, without imposing". "The beach-house is planned around a sense of ‘dune-journey’, a means of working with natural site-levels". To the street, the house teases passersby beyond slatted screens and translucent materials.  On entry, along the retained dune journey, site planning, the house itself, and sea-views open up. The design seeks to engage creatively with ‘beach’.  It engages notions such as ship’s bridge/ crow’s nest/ retreat/ shelter/ dune/ sand/ driftwood/ informality/ family/ fun.  "The material palette responds to dunal colour-tones, bridges between diverse textures of neighbouring buildings, and accords to ESD-principles.  Already natural materials are softening nicely". Solar-passive-design, despite accommodating western/eastern view prospects, includes appropriately for northern orientation; and there is accommodation for cross and convective ventilation.

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