Pied-à-terre, Glen Osmond, SA, 2010

AIA (SA) Colorbond Steel Award, 2010

John & Anne woke up one morning to discover they were empty-nesters. They had a great vineyard-house in Clare, but this rarely house in Glenunga, on acreage, with bedrooms-all-in-a-row, was now not the right fit for when in town... So they went out and bought an old Kenneth Milne on a site-with-a-view-with-a-house-without-a-view with an aim to demolish and build anew.

The Pied a Terre exploits the site’s potential. The original house is retained, with consequent cost-savings, but deroofed. On a new upper-level it serves as a house-for-a-couple; below it is expansive enough for when the kids (+grand-kids?) come home - or for visiting friends.

Whole-of-site planning links site levels, creates separation for its various users, and finds the views.

It is a house of scale that befits the location, but is comfortable for 2.

Roof-forms work with the site, opening up to hillside and city views. City views are west, so outdoor living areas are west, so dynamic sunshading-systems are a necessity. These, along with retained trees add a filigreed layer to the building.

Carparking is located to minimise intrusion on the site’s accessible outdoor areas - the result is a wonderful journey to the front door.

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